The School: The Call

26.02.2020 - 26.02.2020

The School is a postgraduate educational program for designers, architects, artists or other creative thinkers and workers with a fascination for collaborative, experimental and innovative production of our city spaces. Pablo Calderón Salazar and Caro Van den Hole will be activekey figures / coaches in The School.

1. What is this?
The School is a creative residency programme of 6 months where 2 teams of 8 young and international talents are provided with the right tools to take on a common challenge. The School researches how we can shape a different, better and happier city, along with its community.All creatives will think, react and create as an individual and collaborator, part of a multidisciplinary and effective (compact) team. No matter what discipline, we call these creatives designers, for their dedicated role towards chosen subjects.With its closeness, scale and focus on practicality, The School creates effectiveness in multidisciplinary collaboration.

2. Where is The School located?
The School is located in Hasselt, a Belgian micro-city of 77.000 inhabitants, from 130 different nationalities who live together on 102 square kilometers. The School is located across the train station in a former hotel, also home to food heaven Tajine and a few temporary study and entrepreneur hubs.

3. So, how does it work?
The School offers an active programme of 6 months per year. During the 6 month cyclus each artist conducts one bigger research, presented at the showcase festival in April. Various smaller projects are a constant throughout the 6 months. All elements and circumstances at The School are to facilitate collaborative projects, however, whether the projects are collaborative or individual, is a free choice of every designer.

The School is organised by a core and local superteam of 4 experts with complementary talents and experience. The resident designers have constant and active support from team coaches and do-room specialists (craft, sound, photo, print, textile). On a regular basis various international experts and artists will give workshops, talks and one on one feedback. Finally, there is the outer super circle of The School, a network of international specialists in education, creativity and business, who will provide constant feedback and exchange of knowledge.

All resident designers will publish a number of artistic products. Regardless the material or depth, the standard size is A5 and will be sold in limited editions. All resident designers will create and conduct workshops with participants of the local community, authority, (art) schools, … on a monthly base, outside The School walls, to share their knowledge. There are monthly presentations, open-doors, visits, talks, workshops, exhibitions, … and at the end, there is the showcase festival.

4. Who can put him or herself as a candidate?
The School select sits resident designers via scouting and an international call. The 2 teams of 8 designers need to have a specific balance and choice of disciplines and talent, to keep the inner creative disturbance of each team active. Age is irrelevant, neither the diploma (bachelor, master, whatever). Regardless of previous education or work experience, it's possible to take a complete other role in the group. The call will ask for conceptual maturity and potential to grow.

The language of all talks and workshops and communication at The School is English. The vibe however is free and multilingual and the smile is its universal communication tool. Designers can choose the language of their artistic expression.

Just send an email to and we'll make time to answer your questions really soon!