Newsletter: Design Thinking & Co-Creation: an inspiration session for starters

About fifty starters and interested parties gathered on Tuesday 21st of March at Hopmarkt 50 in Aalst. Saskia Westerduin, Creative Coordinator of Ministry of Makers, gave an ID-Link up lecture on Design Thinking & Co-Creation: an inspiration session for starters. At the same time, the lecture marked the start of a series of upcoming activities that will be organised at Hopmarkt 50, Ministry of Makers Hub Aalst.

Mayor Christoph D'Haese, who gave a word of welcome together with City Counsel Member Katrien Beulens, was very enthusiastic: "Future entrepreneurs have to use their imagination and make a difference. From Hopmarkt 50, we want to make every effort and give the tools necessary to trigger entrepreneurs. We warmly welcome today's initiative to get to know innovation strategies."

Subsequently, Thomas Verdoodt, Project Coordinator at the City of Aalst, talked about Broeikas. Broeikas is a local umbrella organization to guide students who want to become entrepreneurs.

A different mind-set

After that, it was Saskia Westerduin's turn. Her message was loud and clear: get out your comfort zone. Try to take another path. Be creative. Change your mind-set. Work together and listen to people coming from a different sector. That way, you can have added-values for your customer. Design Thinking and Co-Creation is a good guidance for young entrepreneurs to anticipate today's and tomorrow's issues.

A diverse audience of marketers, graphic designers, musicians, professors and entrepreneurs were convinced thanks to a lot of inspiring examples and hands-on methodologies.

After the lecture, there was a networking event.

A more innovative and creative East-Flanders

Since late 2016, Hopmarkt 50 is officially the second base of Ministry of Makers. The pavilion has to become a hotspot for cross-fertilization between young entrepreneurs, civil society organizations and companies from different sectors. Ministry of Makers, the city of Aalst and AGSA put their weight behind an EFRO-project that appeals the improvement of competitiveness and the introduction of innovative business models for SME's. That way, they want to improve the economy of Aalst and East-Flanders.

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